Extracurricular Interests

This category really has no boundaries because the ever-changing, and sometimes unexpected opportunities that life presents us with on a daily basis requires a combination of preparedness and fluid adaptability to creatively think outside the box and go with the flow.  This is true whether it is a moment of beauty to be captured photographically, coaxing a clever way to turn a phrase or even finding the humor in things we’re surrounded by everyday. The possibilities are endless, with the only requisite being the ability to look past the obvious to bring the hidden potential to life.

Photo published in “Tapestry of Dreams.”
The International Library of Photography


Glass Bottles

Magic Hour

Castle Keep

Nature Walk

Shadow Play

Downtown Driveby

 Visual Surprises

Chuffer At Rest

Dancing Embers

Sunset Stream

Bamboo Forest

Majestic Sky

Stairway to Heaven